Brunello di Montalcino

  • Production area Montalcino area (Si) Grape varieties Pure Sangiovese Grosso 100% Soil properties Average mixture with considerable skeleton Vines 4 lots with Sangiovese Grosso,varying in orientation, clones and rootstock and sun exposure. Orientation Partly full sun exposure. Partly on the Northeastern ridge, less exposed to the risks of hot and dry years. Altitude 350 msl Harvest time from 20 September to 10 October Output Grapes: 50ql/ha, wine: 35hl/ha Harvesting method Harvested by experienced staff of the estate, who know about the harvesting criteria. The grapes are gathered in the five lots in different phases, as the lots are distinguished by differening rootstock, clones and orientation, thus guaranteeing the health and ripeness of the grapes. In every lot the best grapes, destined for separate vinification, are harvested in a first passage. During the second passage we gather what we call the “second class”, but we still leave those bunches with mildewed and sun-dried grapes on the ground. Vinification 3 first selections expressing three different lots, 1 second selection (in total 4 different masses), are vinified separately. After mechanical separation and pressing with added dry ice the small steel fermenting vats are filled and the must is cooled down with the help of cooling facilities and dry ice, to hinder the fermentation process for 36/48 hours. Fermentation temperature is about 28° C, the fermentation process lasts 15/20 days, contact with the grape skins lasts for up to 30 days, during the fermentation the must is pumped over, manually mixed and slightly pressed. Only after racking the various first selections are composed, in order obtain every year the best possible product of the vintage