Curtefranca Rosso D.O.C.

  • GRAPES: Cabernet Sauvignon 30%; Cabernet Franc 10%; Barbera 20%; Merlot 30%; Nebbiolo 10%
    GRAPES PROVENANCE: Gussago Province of Brescia
    TYPE OF AREA: Hill, 250 – 300 asl
    TYPE OF SOYL: Calcareous – Argillaceous
    PLANT SYSTEM: Guyot, Spurred rope
    GRAPE HARVEST: Merlot third week of September; Barbera and Nebbiolo first week of October; Cabernet last week of October, always with meticulous selection of the bunch before squeezing..
    AVERAGE YIELD FOR Ha: 70 ql/ha; 45 hl/ha
    WINE MAKING: The first cultivation occurs in thermal-conditioned. The alcoholic fermentation has a total duration of twelve-fifteen days, included the maceration in contact with the skins. The wine stay in the barriques for maximum 12 months.
    BOTTLING: march 2012
    REFINEMENT IN BOTTLE: For a minimum of 2 month
    PRODUCTION: 5000 bottle
    ALCOHOL DEGREE: 13 % vol

    Obtained from grapes Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon, Merlot, Barbera and Nebbiolo is the Curtefranca Rosso proposed by Le Cantorie. It isn’t an elaborate wine, but it openly shows its origins; from a ruby red colour with pleasant and good persisting perfume inspiring under-wood scents up to a round taste with still young notes, enjoyable to drink. A daily classic, which combines well with first pasta dishes and red and white meats.
    Serve at 16 – 18 °C