Franciacorta D.O.C.G. Rosè “Rosi delle Margherite”


    GRAPES: Pinot Black 100%
    GRAPES PROVENANCE: Gussago Province of Brescia
    TYPE AREA: Hill, 250-300 asl
    TYPE OF SOYL: Calcareous-Argillaceous
    PLANT SYSTEM: Spurred rope
    GRAPE HARVEST: second half of August, with meticulous selection of the bunch before squeezing
    AVERAGE YIELD FOR Ha: 70 ql/ha; 46 hl/ha
    WINE MAKING: the grapes is harvested by hand and put in little box of 17 kg each ready to be taken to the wine cellar. The must obtained is then left in contact with its skins for 1 day in order to take out the rose colour. After 8 months from grape harvest the wine is bottled together with selected yeasts and left in refinement for 24 months. Afterwards is the moment of the remouage, the degórgement and the packaging.
    PERMANENCE ON YEASTS: for a minimum of 24 months before pour off.
    PRODUCTION: 3.500 bottles
    ALCOHOL DEGREE: 13 % Vol.