Marchesa MariaBella Valpolicella Ripasso D.O.C.

  • A name that spins in your head. Both holy fairy and cursed which, Ripasso is a muse. The certainty to recognize the scents of a land. The ligtheartedness of always facing life with a smile. The sensibility to deepen everything. Marchesa MariaBella Valpolicella Ripasso "A democratic Ripasso? Always has been. Every year an artist interprets our everyday life portraying characters in search of an author. Wine is creativity, free your imagination and feel better. Traces of you are in every bottle." Grapes: Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella Production Area: Hills from 100 to 200 m high Density Per Ha: 7.000 plants/Ha Growing Method: Veronese Pergola Alcohol: 14% vol.