Pietro 1904 Cabernet/Merlot

  • Pietro 1904 is a Reserve Bordeaux style blend that takes its name from Pietro Piccolo-Brunelli (born 1904) the grandfather of the current owner of the Piccolo-Brunelli estate.

    Pietro 1904 is a wine born of the fertile hills surrounding Predappio, the home of many elaborate and memorable wines. The combination of the soil, sun and overall climate create the perfect terrain for producing breathtaking wines. This landscape imbues the wine with an elegance and status that is unmistakably unique.


    Pietro 1904 is composed of the finest Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot grapes harvested on the Piccolo-Brunelli estate. The wonderful flavour inherent in these varieties of grape is allowed to mature and refine for two years in traditional French oak barriques and larger Italian oak barrels.