Vermouth Rosso

Vermouth Rosso

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Mainardo, the name with which the Counts of the County of Gorizia were named, characterizes our new Vermouth Rosso Premium.

From an ancient recipe, Vermouth della Contea, land of great wines, comes Mainardo, Premium Red Vermouth, with a traditional taste, the ideal base for the best aperitifs and cocktails, but also for meditation, sipped neat.

Our red Vermouth comes from selected wines, with a careful refinement that blends the flavors and thus ensures an unmistakably pleasant aroma.

Its warm bouquet, in which the scents of various botanicals stand out, including absinthe, cinchona, bitter orange, gentian and vanilla, in the mouth the taste is soft and full, you can feel the balance pleasantly between sugars and alcoholic degrees, with a slightly bitter final note.