Region: Piemonte


    History: Established as a DOC in 1970; became a DOCG in 2008;                    subzone Nizza became a separate DOCG in 2014


    Vineyard Area: 3,956 ha / 9,771 acres (2013, C)


    Production: 159,600 hl (total 2013/14); avg. 1,819,000 cases bottled annually


    Principal Red Grape Varieties: Barbera


    Styles and Wine Composition:  RED WINES

    • Rosso (Rd): Minimum 90% Barbera + OANRG
    • Superiore (Rosso)


    Note: The Nizza subzone was approved as a separate DOCG as of            the 2014 harvest (read more). However, Barbera d’Asti                     Superiore wines from the Nizza subzone will still be                         available on the market for a few years.