Anthony Valitutti, owner and founder of Mondo Wines, developed a passion for wine making early on in life. He helped his father make the family wine for years until his father sadly passed away when Anthony was a teenager. By that point, Anthony had fortunately gained enough experience to proudly continue the tradition on his own. His father taught him about the craft of wine making, including how to collect the grapes, to distinguish between the varietals, and to dedicate the time and effort necessary to produce a good bottle of wine.


       In 2007, Anthony embarked on a new journey in his life. He joined a wine agency in Montreal, Quebec, where he began his career as a wine merchant. In 2009, Anthony started Mondo Wines in Toronto and 

developed it to be one of the best small boutique wine agencies in Ontario.


       Mondo Wines uses this knowledge, experience and passion when selecting wines from the best wineries in Italy for now, as it is a big Country with a lot of wines to discover. In the near future, Mondo Wines will begin to source wines from other Countries as well. Mondo Wines promises to provide the Industry and the consumer with the highest quality products, sourced from all well-known and respected wine making countries.