Gran Milano Bitter Lorenzo Inga

Gran Milano Bitter Lorenzo Inga

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Bitter Gran Milano has a red color like our cherries, with warm nuances, like summer geranium.

The taste is composed of exotic spicy spices and citrus aromas, and is enriched with a sweet note of mou.

The infusion of rosemary makes Bitter Gran Milano exceptionally fresh, a mixture of carefully selected herbs and spices such as cinchona, wormwood, gentian root, cardamom and ginger give it aromas and softness.

The gradation is equal to 26.2% allows it in mixing with vermouth and gin to maintain a very consistent aromatic note even after adding ice.

The Bitter Gran Milano is a 100% Italian liqueur of great personality, excellent as a base for the preparation of cocktails such as Negroni and Americano.


Tasting notes:

Intense flavor, slightly creamy, but dry and enveloping.